Sea Kayaking Courses


British Canoe Union (B.C.U) Foundation, Safety and Rescue Training

Becoming an Intermediate paddler.

This award has two purposes, firstly to provide a paddler with the necessary safety awareness which will enable to ensure the safety of themselves and others and secondly to provide a paddler with rescue skills which can be used to help themselves or others in difficulty.

This course is run over one day.

This certificate is a requirement to attending coach qualification courses.

£80.00 per person.


The award is obtained by taking the assessment in sea kayaks.


Candidates must be able to swim 25 mts and have evidence of 2 short journeys. The three star paddler will be a competent performer in sheltered to moderate water environments and have the ability to paddle unsupervised, with similar standard paddlers on sheltered water

Personal Paddling Skills

  • Lift, carry and launch.
  • Forward paddling.
  • Steering and controlling.
  • Supporting strokes to avoid capsizing your kayak.

Rescue Skills

  • Capsize and recovery.
  • Emptying boats.

Safety, Leadership and Group Skills.

  • Personal risk management.
  • Awareness of others.
  • 3km – 5kms journey.


  • Equipment.
  • Tides.
  • Weather.
  • Hypothermia.
  • Access.
  • Enviromental.

Arvor invest in top quality kayaking equipment to ensure that you’re safe and can enjoy your session.

Destination Cornwall

The course can be run from the port of Falmouth in Cornwall. Falmouth is the third deepest harbour in the world and has many areas of outstanding natural beauty including Maenporth Beach which is used on calm days with a journey up to the  Helford River. No matter the weather we can always find a suitable location.